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10 Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

by on January 30, 2018
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Social media marketing has become of the most important aspects of a digital marketing strategy. Businesses are quickly realizing how social media can contribute to their success and growth in all areas.

According to Hubspot, over 90% of the marketers have admitted that social media marketing efforts have resulted in more exposure for their businesses and have resulted in generating more organic traffic.

Moreover, according to Social Media Examiner, more than 95% of the marketers are participating in social media, this means that social media has huge potential for generating leads and increasing sales. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have huge prospects for brands. Instagram rates enable new upcoming brands to set up great campaigns.

Here are some of the ways that social media marketing can benefit your business.

#1 Increased Brand Awareness

Social media helps your brand gain better exposure to existing and new customers. With one click, people can see your message and become aware about your brand and line of business.

#2 Target Audience

Social media gives you valuable insights into what your target audience looks for. Get to know your audience and discover new ways to reach out to them. This will lead to better engagement and increased conversions.

#3 Customer Service

Social media is being increasingly used for posting complaints online. Dissatisfied customers don’t bat an eyelid if they want to write something against a specific brand. This is a way for them to elicit a response from you. Respond and interact with your audience, this will eventually work in your favour.

#4 Feedback

Social media enables business to get instant feedback from their customers, whether good or bad. The time duration in which enables you to judge whether your campaign has been successful or not is short. You can respond to complaints and resolve issues in a faster way.

#5 New Opportunities

Social media gives you great opportunities that you surely miss out on if you don’t have social media presence. You get ample chances to address negative comments, complaints and queries and showing the customers that you care with your superior service which in turn shows that you are customer oriented business. All this makes way for new opportunities and leads.

#6 Competition

You can keep an eye on competition with social media presence. Target your competition’s fans and observe what they are doing on their pages that you can improvise on or even devise new ways to stand out.

#7 Collect Leads

Social media helps you collect new leads and build up your mailing list. Publish and post content that is relevant for your brand, business community and target audience to attract new customers which can be potential leads. For example, if you are an upcoming fashion and accessory brand you can benefit a great deal from Instagram rates.

#8 Brand Value

Social media helps you enhance your brand value and enables potential customers weigh your brand. With active competition and thousands of potential customers viewing your business on your social media page, there is aggressive assessing of your brand.

#9 Sales

When done correctly, social media can be a great way for you to increase sales. Your social media messaging when correctly done will definitely receive great responses for sales. Your target audience get new opportunities to know you and in turn you get more chances to gain business.

#10 Business Relevance

If you want to remain in business, you need to maintain your brand relevance in the minds of your customers. Find ways to remain in their discussions and conversations about what they want and need. Social media gives you this chance along with valuable insights about how your brand can evolve and deliver results.


Social media marketing is a time consuming process which requires hard work. But, the truth is it is fast becoming a definite MUST for businesses and brands to get in touch with their desired target audience and research what is in news. Your social media presence represents your business and your brand, so make sure that you do it right.

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