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6 Start-Up Tips for Millennial that Generate Real Results

by on January 29, 2018
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According to a recent survey, a vast majority of workforce around the world comprises of millennial. In the working world, they come with vastly different expectations than their relatively older superiors. They no longer wish to follow the “work to live” philosophy. They have a dream, a sense of purpose and a will to follow their passion.

Driven by ambition and bursting with new ideas, the millennial generation is keen to innovate and add value to the surrounding ecosystem. Mark Zuckerberg, Jason Raznick, Brian Chesky and Andrew Mason are just a few successful millennial entrepreneurs who have carved their own niche in the corporate world.

Starting any new business is difficult and successful execution even harder. Everyone cannot conjure a multi-million dollar start-up idea. Whether it is an e-commerce business, a meld shop or even a Bed & Breakfast, you need to work equally hard to realist your start-up dream.

Certain basic tips and words of wisdom can be of great help that you can use not just to carve success out of your business idea but to fall back upon time and again. When you are faced with tricky situations or tough questions like how to make your meld shop stronger, these tips will come in handy.

#1 Don’t Let Money be the Sole Motivator

Strong motivation always creates strong results. Having a passion other than money is your gateway to build something big and sustainable. Be a keen observer and always make scope for new learning, especially, from your competition. Money is important, but having this alone as a driving force won’t take you too far. Don’t make your business a money minting mill.

#2 Don’t Overestimate your Youth

You are young, you have zeal to succeed and probably know a lot more about latest technology than your older colleagues. But that doesn’t give you an edge! Sure you have perspective and consider yourself to be smarter, but what you lack is experience. Don’t think of yourself as know-it-all. Your older colleagues and staff members can give valuable lessons on life, working hard and principles and perhaps a thing or two about conducting fair business.

#3 Have a Passion & Work towards it

So you have a great idea and you wish to develop it into a start-up organization. Its great news for sure, but do you have the desired passion for it? Do you have the unrelenting determination to execute your ideas? Do have the zeal to consistently work for it?

Your start-up dream has a USP but does it have the power to change the niche? You should have a vision for future, a promise that you make to yourself and the plan to execute it. To make your mold shop stronger, you need to work harder than everyone else and lead your company to success.

#4 Customer Service is Critical

The digital age has taken the business world by storm. Internet, social networks and online forums have not only become platforms to connect us but have also become opinion makers and breakers. Customers are fierce and don’t hesitate for a moment to speak their mind. Make a thumb rule to always go an extra mile when it comes to customer service. Not just with the big clients who have the big bucks but with everyone.

Delivering superior customer service and doing more than expected should be a part of your business deal.

#5 Keep Building, Keep Scaling

One of the key mantras to start-up success is building and scaling your business and constantly seeking guidance from industry mentors and colleagues. Meet and build relationships with more experienced and knowledgeable people. Not only you will give valuable advice but you will also get a chance to have expert guidance at the time of need.

Always seek new opportunities to grow and excel in your line of business. Strive to make your mold shop stronger by reading industry news and participating in online forums for fresh updates. Take new initiatives to scale your business and expand to new frontiers.

#6 Confidence is Key

There is a thin line of difference between confidence and over-confidence. Your passion and knowledge can make you confident, but when confidence progresses towards arrogance you won’t be around for long. Be passionate and confident about your business. You might be one of the many millennial who are building up their start-up business for the very first time; so, it is imperative that you come across as knowledgeable and articulate about your business and industry. You must know how to speak the right words that will bring in potential investors, stakeholders and clients. Be confident and you’ll go places.

Final Say

As a newbie and a millennial, you will have your share of weak and strong moments in the field of business. It might get tough to survive in the corporate jungle with volatile competitors. But by following these few tips you can give your start-up the best possible opportunities to thrive and succeed.

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