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Artist apologise for his controversial cartoon in Saamna

by on September 28, 2016
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Maharashtra: Artist who made a controversial cartoon in newspaper Samana, mocking the feeling of a large section in Maharashtra has finally apologise for his mistake. Sriniwas Prabhudesai clarified that he is an artist by profession, not a political caricaturist. The cartoon is being blown out of proportion. He didn’t  intend to offend the sentiments of Marathas.

Controversial cartoon published in the Saamana, the mouthpiece of political party Shiv Sena, on Sunday mocking the ongoing statewide stir by Marathas for reservation, flared up the feeling of the powerful community that holds as much as a majority of the third state’s population.

In Saamna, playing with words creatively, the cartoon is shown twisting the word “mook morcha “-silent rally to “Mooka Morcha”- kiss rally. Featuring a couple kissing in the rally, the cartoon suggests that some people have deciphered a different meaning of the rally. However, this article didn’t go down well with the protesters. The cartoon has caused anger among Maratha  community. They have launched a movement for reservation.

Not only Maratha’s, this controversial cartoon has also reportedly created unrest inside the Shiv Sena. Upset leaders, inside the party, threatened to resign but have been convinced not to go against. Angry over the cartoon, people from Sambhaji Brigade pelted stones at the Saamana printing press in Navi Mumbai. Some other threw ink outside the Thane office of the Saamna.

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