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Beautiful Shimla turns abode of stink and filth after continuous snowfall

by on January 18, 2017
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New Delhi: If you are planning a vacation to Shimla- an abode of tourists in this season- after going through the news of snowfall from last week. Think it again. Snowfall which has broken the record of last 25 year has made the city hostage. Human waste, which could not be removed from last 11 days has buried under heavy snow and now creating an unbearable stinking problem for the locals.

Shimla is known as the queen of the hills. Continuous snowfall has shrouded the white blanket on the city, which is a center of attraction for the tourists. However, besides the beauty, local residents are struggling for the basic amenities like food, sanitation and water supply which has badly affected from last two weeks.

Interestingly, Shimla is in the race of a proposed smart city project of Modi government and still struggling for basic amenities.  Municipal Election is around the corner. BJP has decided to make it an election issue and reach out local with the pathetic civic condition in the election going to held in April. Ramesh, a local resident said  7th of  January was the list time when corporation provided water. Since he didn’t get a single drop of water. ” if the freezing water in the pipeline is the issue, state machinery should have done preparation in advance,” he added.

Narrating her plight after the scourging snowfall, a housewife Bimla said daily civic waste is not collected from last 11 days. They don’t  have space to carry the garbage in the home. Residents are now throwing waste in the plot next to her home. Garbage shrouded under snow are now stinking badly. It is not even easy to open the window for fresh air. A Municipal officer on the request of anonymity said without melting of ice in the pipeline, water supply can not be restored.

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