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BJP, Akali say Kejriwal will run away from Delhi as he did earlier

by on January 11, 2017

New Delhi: Deputy CM Manish Sisodia statement urging people of Punjab to vote in the name of Arvind Kejriwal in the upcoming assembly election has created a political storm in Delhi and Punjab politics. While  Punjab congress chief captain Amrinder Singh and Sukhbir Singh Badal call him an outsider coming in the state politics, BJP reaffirmed its earlier claim that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is an absconder.

Shrimoni Akali Dal brass Sukhvir Singh Badal did not waste time in giving reaction after Sisodia’s statement. He said if Kejriwal become Chief Minister of Punjab it would be the greatest loss to the people of Punjab. However, it is pertinent to mention here that this statement is not new as AAP heavy wait in Punjab Bhagwant Maan is projecting himself as a Deputy CM of Punjab in his rallies.

In a rally in Mohali, Manish Sisodiya had jibed at incumbent Akali-BJP alliance and urged people to vote for Aam Admi Party considering Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal as their upcoming CM. Amid political storm, Sisodia had later clarified that decision on CM will be decided by the legislatures who emerge as a winner in the election.

Sukhbir Singh Badal said Arvind Kejriwal is trying to impose himself on the people of Punjab. Rights of Punjab will be affected badly If AAP rules Haryana in future as Arvind Kejriwal would give extra water share to the neighbor illegally for vote bank. He further said Kejriwal’s adamant behavior with center would be continued as going on in Delhi. This would also halt the development pace of Punjab.Choosing AAP in Delhi went counter productive. It plagued the people of Delhi and It should not be repeated in bordering state.

Akali leader said we are first a punjabi, who born and brought up in Punjab, before taking the ideology of Akali, congress and BJP. Our existence will be on stake If any outsider be given power to drive the state.

In Delhi, BJP state chief, Manoj Tiwary said, Arvind Keriwal has history of running away and betraying people.Earlier he had left Delhi to fight election against PM Narinder Modi in Varanasi. This time he has again packed up his suitcase to vacate the chair of Delhi CM to fool people of Punjab.


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