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Ex-BJP IT cell expert exposes party propaganda against Aamir, Shahrukh

by on December 30, 2016
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New Delhi: Sadhvi Khosla, earlier working with BJP IT cell team, has exposed party’s dirty politics against Bollywood biggies- Aamir khan and Salman Khan. She said vicious propaganda was roped in by her and other team members of the IT cell against the actors on the tip of chief Arvind Gupta., forcing her to take a final call to leave the unit.

Khosla was earlier working in America when she got a call from Narinder Modi office to join the Party IT cell, She came back India in 2013. She said at that time Narinder Modi Ji declared a party pick as a Prime ministerial candidate.  She was very much influenced with Modi Ji and did not think twice before joining the Party IT cell.

She further said her zeal for the party started getting dimmer at a time when I was told to start a dirty campaign against minority and veteran Journalists. we were working for 18-18 hours in a day to promote party activity in social media. At that time I didn’t raise my voice but discussed it with colleagues, she said.

Sadhvi Khosla also raised a serious question on the working of IT cell chief Arvind Gupta. ” when drug addiction issue in Punjab came into light, I raised up the matter with Gupta. Since BJP has tie-up with the Akali Dal in the state, Gupta didn’t pay heed to his concerns,” she said

When asked why she didn’t leave the party that time she said it was her mistake that she couldn’t take decision all of sudden. Later the team was told to raise a vicious campaign against Aamir Khan when actor’s wife made a controversial comment about leaving India over intolerance.

She further said Aamir’s removal from the Snapdeal -online retail marketing site- was because of the dirty campaign we run on the tip of  Arvind Gupta. We were given specific instructions for running a vicious campaign in which people get provoked to force the brand ousting Aamir. Same thing was done with Actor Salman Khan too.

“I lose my patience and finally leave unit when Defence Minister Manohar Parikar made a controversial statement after the surgical strike. Minister had said that who raised voice against us, our people showed them their position. It was painful for me.” She said.

Arvind Gupta denied all the allegation leveled against him.

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