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Businessman duped on the pretext of exchanging old notes with RBI

by on April 2, 2017
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New Delhi: Many businessmen did not divulge their old currency post demonetisation fearing that the police and the income tax department could besiege them with millions of question about its source. Now, these tax defaulters are falling prey of the group of cheaters who promised them of exchanging their defunct currency with the new.

Businessmen are being duped these days as the groups of cheaters who claim to have links in Reserve Bank of India(RBI) are active in Delhi-NCR. They fool them on the pretext of exchanging their old notes on 50 percent commission basis.

Delhi Police Crime Branch had arrested Anil Jain and Sushil Jain last week from Janak Puri with 4.15 crore rupees.

According to police, the investigation revealed that Businessmen give their money to the cheaters believing that 50 percent of the amount will be returned back in the new notes after deducting their commission. More than half-a-dozen such groups have already been detected and neutralised by police post demonetization who fool the businessman on the pretext of changing their old currency.

“We catch these groups and hand it over to the tax department for further investigation. They told businessmen that they have links with the higher officer in the Reserve Bank of India. With the help of them, they can exchange their old currency with a new one without any legal trouble”, a police officer said adding that this cheater decamps with the old currency as the businessmen hand over their notes without any verification.

Police said these cheaters make the gullible businessman believes that their money will be transported in RBI cash van. In one of the case, the businessman was charged two lakh rupees in the new currency for the arrangement of cash van. Police is now trying to figure out whether these perpetrators have links in the RBI or not.

One officer, on the request of anonymity, said our curiosity is to know what they do with the old currency. After duping the businessmen how these cheaters exchange the old currency.

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