Ten-Step Guide for How to Lose 15 Pounds Fast

by Sandeep Guptaon January 11, 2018
What would you do if your child comes up to you and asks “Do I look fat?” Now, this is a tricky question, but your child may ask this question or any other weight related question when you are least expecting it. Most of the kids think about weight loss nowadays. Girls, as young as […]
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MCI heading towards e-governance with Digital Mission Mode Project

by Sandeep Guptaon April 2, 2017
New Delhi: Speaking at the historic moment of inaugurating Medical Council of India’s e-governance Digital Mission Mode Project (DMMP), MCI President Ms Jayanti Ben Mehta Said that “ The journey on which we embarked on 19th August 2016 has finally started delivering its objective of digital Medical Council Of India. The joint efforts of Ministry […]

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Insurer to pay 5 lakh in every 4 years for prosthetic hand surgery to accident victim

by Sandeep Guptaon January 27, 2017
New Delhi: Delhi court has ruled that an Insurance company will have to bear the cost of rupees 5 lakh after every four years for the prosthetic hand surgery of a man who lost his hand in an accident in 2015. The new prosthetic limb will empower the victim to do weight-lifting to the extent of 8 KG weight. He could also write […]
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Beautiful Shimla turns abode of stink and filth after continuous snowfall

by Sandeep Guptaon January 18, 2017
New Delhi: If you are planning a vacation to Shimla– an abode of tourists in this season- after going through the news of snowfall from last week. Think it again. Snowfall which has broken the record of last 25 year has made the city hostage. Human waste, which could not be removed from last 11 […]


Delhi learns to have safe sex with their partner

by Sandeep Guptaon December 29, 2016
New Delhi: Women may not find themselves safe in the National capital, but when it comes to making a safe physical relation with their partner, it is the best place for them. Recent data released by the Delhi Government on Thursday at least suggest this interesting fact. The Delhi Government says the stats show Delhi is heading […]