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Donald Trump Choose India over Russia and China

by on January 25, 2017
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New Delhi: America new President Donald Trump on Tuesday night called Indian counterpart Narender Modi after taking the oath of the post. Both the leaders have talked over the various bilateral issue. This the first formal talks between the two world leader after taking over the office of the US President. However, it is pertinent to mention here that Trump,  who is believed to be a good friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, give precedence to Modi over his old friend.

Vladimir Puttin had threatened to attack the USA if its people did not vote in favour of Donald Trump. Retaliating the Putin, US army under Obama administration had assured it people that befitted reply would be given if Russia dare to attack us. Donald Trump enjoys the proximity to Russia due to the business interest of his real estate company that has its existence globally. Both the leaders have met earlier and Putin wanted to make him a President to have closure ties with the neighbour.

In the scenario, Trump picking Narendra Modi over his good old friend has many diplomatic hypotheses. Experts say Trump is no more a businessman. He has a much bigger role to play as a President.  At the helm of the world power, he has to give precedence to the state interest over his personal proximity.

Narendra Modi is the fifth one in the list chosen to talk after assuming the office by Donald Trump. He started with his neighbour Canada, followed by Mexico, Isreal, Misser and before reaching India. India is in one of the most favourite nation of Trump. He choose us over countries like Russia, China and Japan. It shows that India is going to have a much stronger relationship with America under Trump administration. Britain President Theresa May on coming Friday will meet with the US President. She will be the first country head with whom Trump meet the first.

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