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Growth in western UP walks with the limp despite close to Delhi, says stats

by on February 10, 2017
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New Delhi: Incumbent chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav may have gloated about the second inning in the state on the account of doing development work, but the stats raise the curtain of plunge economic condition. Western UP which takes the advantage of proximity with National Capital and considered to be at the helm of flourish and development is found lags behind from East Up and Bundelkhand region.

Report of the 11th five-year plan shows the diminishing trend of growth in the western part of the state and the trend continues in the first two years of the 12th five-year plan. However, East UP that accommodates the financially ill Purvanchal belt has shown unprecedented growth in the respected period.

Traditionally, Western Uttar Pradesh- with a total of 27 districts – is known as the revenue generating part of the state. Many of its districts share the border with Delhi and come under the National Capital Region. Despite getting the first benefit of Green revolution in the country and the sudden growth of IT industry, the situation here is alarming.

In the previous five-year plan, western UP marks the development  index at 7.03 per cent. It reduces to 4.5 percent in first two years of the 12th five years plan. On the other side, Eastern UP has reached the mark of 5.77 percent the first two years of the current five-year plan. It stood at 7.67 percent in the 11th five years plan that culminates in 2012.

[spacer height=”10px”]If experts are to be believed the focus of the Akhilesh govt was sticky in the Eastern UP and Bundelkhand Regions as this part of the state has the large prospect of growth. Earlier governments didn’t focus on the belt, resulting very high migration from the districts like Gorakhpur, Balia, Azamgarh is witnessed. Some others also believe that that BJP that emerged as a stronger contender in the Western UP post-Muzaffarnagar riot, Akhilesh Government focus on the other sector of the state.

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