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Online petition to declare Pakistan a terrorist country crossed five time the desired number

by on October 2, 2016

Washington: Online Petition of White House that seeks to declare Pakistan a terrorist state is gaining a massive response from all across. Till now around five lakh American have signed the petition. The petition needed only one lakh positive response, but just in ten days it got five lakh response.

As per White house rules, a petition needed one Lakh signatures in 30 days to get a response from the administration. One has to register himself on White house website to create a petition. This petition to recognize Pakistan as a terror-sponsoring country was created by a person identified as RG on September 21.

Required number benchmark was attained in less than a week. People are surging in favor of the petition. Just in less than two weeks more than five lakh people said they wish Pakistan should be declared as a country of flourish terrorism. Now White house has to respond to the petition within the time frame of 60 days.

This online signature on White house website will last until October 21. And in the last 24 hours, one lakh new respondents have positively reacted to it. Anju Preet, a scientist at Georgetown University is supporting the petition on her Facebook Page. She said we have set a goal of one million signatures. We will definitely attain it on the given time frame.

She urged everyone to join hands and signing the petition with White House. Time has come to react. Tag this post to at least 10 friends so that set target could be achieved. This is an important initiative to make this world terrorism free.

The negative part of this petition is that only citizen of America can take part in this campaign. This initiative of online petition called “We the People” was initiated by the US President Barack Obama,

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