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Over Speeding at Yamuna Expressway lead to 170 cancellation of driving licence

by on May 19, 2017

New Delhi: For all those who love high-speed and highway driving, there is a bad news for them. Yamuna Expressway is no longer the high-speed highway zone as Gautambudh Nagar authority has decided to crack the whip on all those who are found driving over speed.

Yamuna Expressway, since it came into existence, is the most fascinating and sought after highway for the people of Delhi and NCR. Since 1st January 2017, authorities have cancelled over 170 driving licenses of those who was found flaunting the high-speed rule. This is the first such action by the administration in which the people driving in high-speed at Yamuna e-way are being prosecuted.

BN Singh, District officer told Dainik Jagran that all reason for the rising death on the e-way over speeding. To prevent this menace speed rules are being administered strictly. We will continue our action for the safety of the people.

According to the local administration, they got an order to take steps to ensure e-way safer for the commuters. Growing death toll due to accident on the highway forced the authorities to come up with total clamp down plan on the incidents.

“JP group which runs and collect toll for the Yamuna Expressway was asked to submit the report giving detail of vehicle found driving over speed on the highway. They were told to give the detail of the vehicles of other states that are found over speeding between 1st January to 1st May,” an officer said adding that local commuters are not clubbed in this list as the list is going longer.

Gautam Budh Nagar administration is now sharing the information with the concern license authority so the licenses of the offenders could be cancelled. As per  rule, private i

As per rule, the private vehicle can ply at the speed of 100  kilometres per hour and the commercial vehicle has the speed cap of  80 kilometres per hour.


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