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Pakistan accused India Navy to unrest ocean

by on February 13, 2017
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New Delhi: Indian Navy has flourished many folds in the Indian ocean in the last few years, but our security programs are hard to digest for the neighbour. Pakistan fears on the expansion of Indian Navy comes out in the open when its foreign affair advisor Sartaj Aziz termed India’s security programs as nuclearization of the Indian ocean.

While putting forth its fear in a debate organised in Islamabad, Sartaj Aziz said the expansion of Indian Navy raises alarm for us. Their programs trying to unrest South-Asia, Middle-East and Africa. India is trying to destabilise the peace of ocean. Pakistan will not let this happen and befitted reply will be given to India’s vicious plan.

Navy expansion, Aziz said, is strategically important for us as it raises security issues for the people of Pakistan.We understand the importance of Indian ocean. It is used by more than 30 countries of South-Asia, Middle-East and Africa as an economic corridor. This route also connects the country like Australia with the Europe. Talks are needed to build peace in this region.

Pakistan on January 2017 had claimed that it has successfully tested the nuclear missile called Babar-3 that can be launched from the submarine. However, India termed it an eyewash as Pakistan is far behind from getting this technique. Prior to this, India had successfully launched its nuclear weapon capable submarine that can carry K-4 ballistic missile.in 2016.

Aziz said in the coming years, the trend of nuclearization of Indian ocean will further grow as Pakistan is committed to its national security. We will strengthen our existence in the ocean amid the growing menace of the Indian establishment. India doesn’t believe in peace. All the effort of maintaining peace in the region has gone vain. So the last resort that exists with the Pakistan is to do the needful for the people of Pakistan. Pakistan has total of 1000 KM coastal area. The terrorist had used the Karachi port in 2008 to reach the Mumbai from where they conducted major strikes.

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