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Pakistan fear of India comes out in open

by on December 13, 2016

New Delhi: Pakistan’s fear of India’s growing power has come in open on Tuesday when its Foreign Affair secretary raised its concern that if India doesn’t stop its defense activity they will have to resort to doing the same.

Tasnim Aslam, additional secretary to Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affair also said  if India is granted membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group, the regional balance of power would be disrupted. If this happens, it would be very threatening for the security of Pakistan.

She said India this day is busy in building atomic submarines which enable our neighbor to launch atom bomb from the sea. The activity of India is very alarming as we have to take steps in our defense.

She further said Modi lead Indian government is very attacking in the border areas. Unprovoked ceasefire violation is an everyday practice  which resulting in the death of our soldiers. Statement of Indian government is also very offensive. It suggests that war between the two countries is not yet  averted. India is developing its atomic stock day by day too.

She said India, which is known for having very less number of a nuclear bomb in comparison to Pakistan, is actually building a new stock of the bombs. India’s activity has raised serious concern to our security.

While addressing in the seminar in Islamabad Tasnim Aslam said Pakistan is not a weak country. We will do whatever needed for our security. We have no option but to keep itself ready. She said Pakistan state policy is to maintain minimum deterrence and work for regional peace and stability.

Whenever we try to hold peace talk and take the way of negotiations to resolve the long pending issues India turns offensive. Irresponsible statements of Indian leadership also become a big hurdle in the peace talk, she said.

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