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Petrol pump dealers decide to accept cards after government interventions

by on January 9, 2017
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New Delhi: A Day after Petrol Pump dealers across the country announced that they will not accept payments from debit and credit cards, Union government finally intervene on Monday and douse the blaze temporarily.

It was only after government’s assurance that no extra charges will be deducted, dealers halt their plan till 13 January. Now dealers are assured that merchant discount rate(MDR) fee will not be levyed till 13th January. Earlier, Petrol Pump dealer association had written to the union Petromium Minister Arun Jaitly informing him that they will be no longer accept debit and credit cards payment as they are forced to pay extra chagres on online transection for no reason. The government was informed that they have taken a grim stand and would not accept card payment.

The decision of roll back is significant as flow of cash has not yet reached the desire level post demonisation. Had it not been sorted out It could add further woes to the problem of people.

Petromium Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said this was a minor issue and would be resolve after negotiation with different stakeholders. Common man should not face the brunt due to this misunderstanding. “Negotiation between oil marketing companies and bankers for the share business preposition is on. Currently oil marketing company is giving some subsidy,” said the Minister.

In the letter shoot to the Union Minister, Petrol pump dealers had said they wanted to help the cashless drive of PM Modi, but not on the cost of paying money from their own pockets. Our margins are already very less. We want government to compensate to go cashless as banks like HDFC, ICICI and Axis Banks were taking extra charges from them.

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