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Russia finds black box of the crashed plane in Syria

by on December 27, 2016

New Delhi: The Black Box of the Russian Military plane which was crashed in the black sea near Syria has been recovered on Sunday, a Russian officer said.

All the 92 passengers boarding in the plain lost their life in the plane crash. Now officers are trying to retrieve the data from the black box to ascertain the exact reason for the incident.

Black Box is a hard disk or a communication device which stores conversation between the pilot and the Air Traffic controller (ATC). With the help of the data, Russia could ascertain what was the last message that pilot was trying to give to the control room about the problem in the flight.

Russian authorities are also suspecting that its plane was targeted with a rock launcher. The plane took off from Moscow and landed in Sochi in Russia to refill the fuel before taking off to Syria. Passengers include 64 members of the famed Alexandrov military music ensemble, some journalists, and officers.  Band was going to perform for Russian Military in Syria.

According to Russian authority, Flight disappeared from the radar, barely two minutes after it took off from Sochi.

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