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Russia’s New Hacking System Can Put any Country in Dark, Its Virus Attacks Electricity Grid

by on June 20, 2017
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New Delhi: Race of arms among the leading nations does not seem to be subsided in a near future as Russia has made a New Cyber Weapon which is capable of halting the electricity supply of any country. This hacking based weapon can directly attack electricity grid. Russia has surreptitiously developed the system, the experts said. Russia has named this malware “crash override”. This new cyber weapon will further aggravate the tension with the arch rival United State of America(USA).

According to the Washington Post report, Russian ‘crash override’ malware had hacked or attacked Ukraine energy system last year. Due to the impact, power generation of the country halted for a considerable time. The news report said the cyber security firm, dragos found that Russia is further testing its malware on the United State of America. A group of Russian hackers are shooting their malware surreptitiously on America’s electric transmission and distribution system. Experts said this is not the first time when Russia tried to sneak into the American system.

Experts said this is not the first time when Russia tried to sneak or hacked into the American security system. Earlier, Russian hackers had made similar attempts during the Presidential Election in the USA. The news was around that Russians hackers had tried to mould the election result in the favour of Donald Trump. Dragos claimed that hackers used the same computer for affecting Presidential elections that were used to attack grid of Ukraine. More than 2.25 lakh people had to live in dark because of the grid attack.

If experts are to be believed, the crash override is very powerful hacking software which can further be used to affect Industries like gas, water supply and others. This virus works like a circuit breaker which opens the electricity grid system once it attacks. The grid doesn’t get closed easily even if the circuit operator tries to shut the system.

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