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Tech snag continues chaos in Metro for the second day

by on January 13, 2017
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New Delhi: Ordeal of Delhiites continue on the second consecutive day on Thursday while traveling in the Delhi Metro as the technical snag in the system could not be sorted out completely on the blue line.

Wednesday fiasco repeated as Failure of power on the blue line made trains stranded on the route for long. In the absence of automatic train control system, Metro management decided to run all 63 trains in the route in manual mode.

Every train has to spend around 45 seconds extra time in the stations as the stopping point of the trains have to be managed manually. Metro and Security staff at every station roped in for the task. They wave hands to help the driver stopping the train at the exact point. That made the frequency of the trains very thin on the route resulting chaotic situation in the system.

Metro system in blue line failed at 11:28 AM as the power supply on the route was affected. Power supply, however, restored in mere four minutes time but central monitoring system, which operates from Metro Bhawan couldn’t be reconnected. Which lead to the huge pile up of passengers on the main intercection.

People could not reach near the platform area at Rajiv Chowk due to huge rush, let alone boarding the trains for their destination, a passenger of Tilak Nagar said.

DMRC corporate communication head Anuj Dayal said every train on the track has its own unique Identification Number. It is not possible to locate the trains when power supply affected. To ensure the safety of the passengers, the identification number is reconfirmed or reallocated to run the trains on manual mode.

He Further said we have 17 intersection stations on the route from where the allocation of identity number was done.  It was only after 12:20 Pm train operation could be restarted manually after allocation of ID. “In such kind of situation, our station in charge himself physically present on the platform while talking on Tatra wireless phone network with other station in charge to give safe passage to the trains.” an officer said.

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