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Russia’s New Hacking System Can Put any Country in Dark, Its Virus Attacks Electricity Grid

by Sandeep Guptaon June 20, 2017
New Delhi: Race of arms among the leading nations does not seem to be subsided in a near future as Russia has made a New Cyber Weapon which is capable of halting the electricity supply of any country. This hacking based weapon can directly attack electricity grid. Russia has surreptitiously developed the system, the experts […]
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Donald Trump Choose India over Russia and China

by Sandeep Guptaon January 25, 2017
New Delhi: America new President Donald Trump on Tuesday night called Indian counterpart Narender Modi after taking the oath of the post. Both the leaders have talked over the various bilateral issue. This the first formal talks between the two world leader after taking over the office of the US President. However, it is pertinent to […]

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Russia finds black box of the crashed plane in Syria

by Sandeep Guptaon December 27, 2016
New Delhi: The Black Box of the Russian Military plane which was crashed in the black sea near Syria has been recovered on Sunday, a Russian officer said. All the 92 passengers boarding in the plain lost their life in the plane crash. Now officers are trying to retrieve the data from the black box […]
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Russia annoyed over cash withdrawal limit to its embassy official in India

by Sandeep Guptaon December 7, 2016
New Delhi: India and Russia may have been known for its year-long friendship worldwide, but the ongoing saga of demonetization in the country has irked Russian embassy in the country. The staff of Russian embassy in India is annoyed over noncooperation of New Delhi over the problem of the cash crunch that its officials facing […]

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Russia told Pakistan to act against terrorism, both country resolve issues peacefully

by Sandeep Guptaon October 1, 2016
Russia today openly supported the India’s stand on cross-border terrorism and told Pakistan that time has come when it has to take effective steps to stop the activities of terrorism being carried out from its soil. Our erstwhile close allies voiced concern over tension at the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. Russian Foreign […]