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Will not spare DCP and SHO if victim reaches headquater, says Amulya Patnaik

by on February 1, 2017

News Delhi: New Police commissioner of Delhi Amulya Patnaik, who assumes the office on Tuesday made his contention and style of policing clear in the very first meeting with the officials in the Police Headquarter. Amulya Patnaik told the officers that he would not spare the district DCP for the neglect in the work, let alone SHOs and ACPs.

After taking the charge from the predecessor Alok Verma, who is now going to join the helm of CBI,  Amulya Patnaik called a meeting with the Delhi Police senior sleuths- Special CPs, Joint CPs and the DCPs of all the 13 district of Delhi Police- in the evening.

Patnaik, sources said, started up with formal shake hands with the officers but end his meeting with the strong message that it is the onus of the district DCP’s to address the grievances of the people. It is the need of the time that DCPs work in their toes and keeps their SHOs alert all the time in the interest of people.

An officer present in the meeting, on the request of anonymity, told that the focus of the new CP was heavily lying on the functioning of Police stations and the working style of DCPs. Patnaik told that if the complaints of the People reach the Headquarter Building, it will be taken on the very serious note. DCPs have to address the problem of the society by the means of District level policing.

CP said it will be considered as the failure of a district head if the complainants toil up reaching the headquarter to address their grievances. CP also pointed out the mismanagement of forces in the district. “I have seen that availability of force around the clock is a big problem in the Districts. DCPs have to manage their staff in the manner so that force is available 24-hour to face any law and order problem,” the new commissioner said in the meeting.

He added that Headquarter would consider it a big laps on the Part of district administration if the force from the center is called upon in case of deteriorating law and order situation emerged in the District.

Patnaik took the meeting in the very lighter mood, however, he used voice pitch and strong face expression to show his gloats from the officers. He also gave some tips to handle the problem of the junior officers in the police stations. Overall the focus of the meeting was on the ground level working of the police personals.

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