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Zakir Naik’s foundation gets fund from Dawood and ISI, ED hints

by on February 20, 2017

New Delhi: Three days after the arrest of the financial head of Zaikir Naik’s foundation, Enforcement Directorate on Monday hinted that his Islamic Research Foundation(IRF) was getting financial help from the Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim and Pakistan’s spy agency ISI.

According to sources in ED, on the behest of arrested accused Aamir Gazdar, the tail of money laundering has come to light that needs to be located. Prima-facie the needle of suspicion is going towards Pakistan and Dawood Ibrahim. Currently, investigation in the case is towards the few Businessman of Karachi, Pakistan that is assumed to be close to Dawood. If the link located with the Dawood, it will be one of the biggest hawala links in the country.

IRF got huge money from the various accounts based on the Pakistan. When asked for the source of this funding, IRF couldn’t give the satisfactory reply to the agency, sources said adding that arrested financial head Gazdar of the non-profitable organization- IRF was responsible for financial transactions from Pakistan and Dubai. The Organisation which claims to work for the mankind tried to shield the information and did not disclose the source of income in the Income tax return.

One officer associated with the investigation, on the request of anonymity, said the money tale went through Saudi Arab, Britain and some small countries of Africa before reaching to Dubai and then Pakistan. IRF claims that the money they receive is being used for social work and community development. However, it is a matter of investigation that whether this money is being used for any India activity or not.

Bogus companies floated to fund IRF

ED along with IB and other agencies are working together to piece together the missing links of the money trail of IRF. Sources said many bogus companies were floated to fund the organization of Zakir Naik. The money IRF got from the businessman of Karachi is done with the help of another businessman who lives in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir. POK resident Sultan Ahmed works as middlemen in the transaction. Sultan had met with the Zakir Naik in Dubai in the year 2012. Since then its organization started getting funds from the country like Britain and Africa as well. It is suspected that some of the accounts that were used for the transaction were associated with the bogus companies. Agency got clues that persons near Dawood Ibrahim supporting the IRF and his ill-gotten money is being pumped into India for terror-related activity with the help of these accounts.

ED’s council in the Mumbai court said arrested Gazdar is director of at least six companies of which four has based in India. One such company looks after the work of Broadcast of the Zakir Naik speeches

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